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Web site design - Getting started
Web site design - Getting started

Introduction to getting a Web site for your business.

  • In order to get a business or personal Web site, you will need to 1.) have a Web site created, and 2.) have someone host your site on the World Wide Web. (Web page development and Web page hosting are two separate issues. Designing a Web site is similar to designing an advertisement for a magazine or newspaper while Web page hosting is comparable to the cost of the magazine or newspaper running your advertisement for a set amount of time once it is created.)
  • The most important part of creating a Web site is the initial planning and organization. Although Eager Web Page Design will assist you in planning your Web site, it is helpful to have a clear idea about what you hope to accomplish with your Web site and whom you wish to reach. Establishing this information before we start will help us develop a site that meets your expectations.
  • The key concept to remember in planning a commercial Web site is to "keep it simple". Your customers will be going to your Web site for information about your company, products, services, etc. If they cannot find this information quickly, your audience will not spend a lot of time at your site.
  • You should definitely have your own domain name (for example, "http://www.yourcompany.com").  For more information about domain names, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page. You may easily check the availability or purchase a domain name at Network Solutions .  We are also happy to register personal or business domain names. Regardless if you are planning to start a Web site immediately, we recommend that you get the domain name as soon as possible because the good names go fast. In addition, cybersquatting is also a common problem.
  • Since it is impossible to predict exactly what response you will get from your Web site, in most cases, it is better to start small and let your Web site gradually grow with time. You can always add features or information to your Web site later.
  • Some professional organizations have specific rules or guidelines for creating a Web site. Please provide Eager Web Page Design with this information.
  • In addition to offering professional Web site design and hosting, we have put together a list of recommended products and services which may help your business to become more profitable and efficient.

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