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Our Services
Our Services

Web Design

Eager Web Page Design will use the information that you provide to create a professional, well-organized Web site.  We strive in all of our Web sites to make the information in the site easy to find, the pages to display correctly with various Web browsers and computer monitor resolutions, and for the pages to load quickly even with older modems.  Of course, you have the final word on how your site looks.

Before we start working on your site, we encourage you to find several Web sites that you like and dislike; learning your preferences will help us in the design process.  We will work with you as we create your Web site to make sure that it meets your needs. We accomplish this by designing your Web site in a temporary, private location for you to view our work, which enables you to make suggestions and changes every step of the way. We make your site available to the public only after all of your changes have been completed.

If your business has existing printed advertising, it is usually best for your Web site to have a consistent appearance.  Please provide us with copies of any advertising or catalogs for your business, and we will use these materials in your site design.  Eager Web Page Design can scan your logos and pictures to use in your Web site. We can also create custom graphics to meet your needs. Note: we will not incorporate copyrighted materials into your Web site without written permission.

We prefer that you send the text that you want to use in your Web site by e-mail or computer disk. If this is not possible, we will type the information for you for an additional fee.  You may send the text file in many formats, including the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII Text), a Rich Text File (.rtf), or a Microsoft Word Document. We also accept a variety of media formats, including standard 3.5" PC floppy disks, CD-ROMs, Imation LS-120 disks, and Iomega 100 MB Zip disks.  For files less than 10 MB, it is often easiest to e-mail the files to us. We will receive the files right away and it will save you money on disks and postage.

Note: we do not create Web sites that contain adult-oriented, controversial, or illegal materials. Also, we must have permission to use copyrighted materials.

You may find additional information about getting started, read our frequently asked questions, or click on our Web services links on the left to learn more about our services or to receive a free price estimate.

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